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Bull Redfish Fishing CharterWinter Redfish Charter Season

Winter Redfish Charters offers first time anglers and fly-fishermen some of the best deep sea fishing in all of Gulf Shores, Alabama.  The winter charter season begins the first week of November each year along the gulf shores.  These monster Red Fish are called Bull Reds and have been a favorite of Alabama sportfishermen for decades.   Be sure to check out our Alabama Grilled Redfish Recipe here.

Most corporate anglers and family anglers love these 4 hour trolling charters.  If the fish are biting good, most anglers extend their winter charter so their kids can catch a few more.

Late Fall and Winter Are Best

The best time to go Redfishing is during the winter months of November, December, January and February of each year.  The water temperature starts in November in the high 60's and drops to the low to mid 50's during the peak winter charter season.  The Bullreds usually show up the last week of October or during the fall charter season.   The daytime temperatures are still in the 70's and nights are down in the high 40's to low 50's. 

Frontal Passage Brings Redfish Up To The Top

The best time to catch a Bullred is just after a cold front passes and the winds shift out of the north to northwest during the winter charter season.  There is something about that northerly breeze that pushes the warm water out to sea and those big Redfish school up.

Redfish are very common in the Gulf Shores, Alabama saltwaters.  The common name for them depends on where you find them and catch them.  Most of them out in the Gulf of Mexico are called Bull Reds.  That is what we specialize in. 

Trolling and Sightfishing For Winter Redfish

Winter Redfish CharterWe use trolling fishing to catch them and when they break the surface as a school, we sightfish for them.  They are a true game fish and cannot be harvested by commercial fishermen ever again.  Scientists call them Sciaenops ocellatus.  We call them rat reds, slot reds, bull reds, red drum.  They have a long body that is colored by bronze to gold looking scales.  They have a white belly.  They have a distinctive black spot on their tail to confuse predators that feed on them.  They are a wonderful, hard fighting fish.

Booking Your Bull Redfishing Charter

Be sure to contact us directly by filling out our online fishing reservations page after you have chosen the best fishing charter for you on our rates and pricing page

After you have submitted your request online, you may call us direct at 251.975.8111 and give us a credit card number to secure your trip. 

Remember, we do not require a deposit.  You may pay the day of your fishing charter.

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