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chumming for sharks in gulf shoresChumming Fishing In Gulf Shores, Alabama

Alabama has large areas of salt water with artificial reefs and natural reefs that are great for chumming fishing. There are many ways to enjoy trying to catch fish while family charter fishing in Gulf Shores. There is nothing more exciting than actually seeing the fish, first time fishermen are trying to catch. Chumming fishing brings your fish to the top and you can see them swimming on the water beside and underneath your charter fishing boat.

One of the best ways to see the Red Snapper, Mangrove Snapper,Amberjack, Triggerfish and Mackerel is to get them to the surface of the saltwater. The only way to get them there is by chumming. Chumming is the act of using a fish attractant in the water that puts the smell and taste of the fish’s natural bait in front of them. There are a few ways to chum. Some anglers use the Berkley chum buckets. They last a long time and do work. Some anglers use the messy chum churn made out of pvc pipe with slats that allows the plunger in the center to mash out bits and pieces of chum into the water. Most Gulf Shores charter boats, simply chop bait into chunks and throw them in the water so they sink. Don't go crazy with chumming. Throw a few pieces in at a time.

Ideal Conditions For Chummingmahi-mahi chumming in alabama

Chumming has been a long time secret of many Alabama saltwater fishing guides in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Most charter boats do not offer chumming because it takes time to prepare the concoction of fish parts, oil and special scents that make up the chum. Our deep sea fishing charter uses this method of fishing when the weather and gulf current allow it. Our fly fishing anglers and our light tackle customers love chumming because it allows them to pick out the fish they want.

To use chumming as a means of attracting fish to the surface of the water requires perfect weather. You do not want to put out a chum line when the current is moving the water away from your reef at a fast speed. The ideal time to use chumming or to throw chum in the gulf shores waters is when the winds are calm and the current is not moving very fast.

record mangrove snapper caught chummingPick The Fish You Want to Catch When Chumming

The best time to use chumming is when you want to be selective of the fish you are targeting. Chumming works on any species of fish and during any charter fishing season we are in. It works for first time fishermen and family fishermen that want to go shark fishing, snapper fishing, cobia fishing and mackerel fishing.

Chumming is a part of sight fishing because it allows you to see the fish you are trying to catch. Fly fishing while chumming is exhaustively fun. Anglers can simply pick out and catch the reef fish you want and watch them eat your bait. The hardest thing you will have to do is be patient enough to let the fish get hooked before you jerk your pole and set the fishing hook. We see people jerk too soon and pull the bait fish and or the fishing lure right out of the fishes mouth.

Let us know if you are interested in a 6 hour bottom and reef fishing charter that will allow chumming. You and your family will enjoy watching those nice, big fish come to the surface and swim around the charter boat. Your Gulf Shores family fishing vacation will certainly be one to remember.

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