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Have you ever seen Alabama charter boats right off the beach during the spring break fishing seasons of March, April and part of May?  The charter boats are sight fishing for the Cobia fish.  These sportfishing giants are mostly sought after by local saltwater fishing guides.  Gulf Shores local fishermen that know about them will also be out there fishing for them.  Cobia fish are called Lemon Fish and Ling, depending on where you are along the gulf coast.  The Cobia is a true sportfisherman’s dream.  Hunting Cobia is like going on a guided turkey hunt.  You have one chance to throw at them and hook them up and they may be gone.  Cobia is an excellent fish for fly-fishermen to try their luck on.

Cobia Fishing Is Trophy Fishing 

Cobia fishing is not for everyone that visits Gulf Shores.  This is not the fishing charter that provides a lot of action for everyone.  Cobia fishing mostly is searching for a remote fish.  There are days when you go out and see nothing.  It takes a lot of patience and these trips are not the best investment for those who want a lot of fish to eat.  This is sportfishing or trophy fishing.  How many of you go deer or elk hunting in another state and pay thousands of dollars and come home with nothing.  Well, cobia fishing can be the same way, except it is a lot more cost effective than elk hunting.

About The Cobia

Scientist call Cobia, Rachycentrol canadum.  They have broad heads and a wide mouth.  They have a broad lateral line that disappears as the fish grows.  Most mature cobia is light brown with a white belly.  Their dorsal fins are short and pointed.  Some people say they look like a shark crossbred with a catfish when seen swimming.  Cobia is like big game hunting during the month of April and May.  They are excellent for patient saltwater fly fishermen.

Where Cobia Go

Cobia run along the Alabama coast line during the spring of each year and some of them settle on artificial reefs for the rest of the summer fishing season.  We have seen as many as 10 to 15 of them swimming with bull sharks and whale sharks.  Most of the cobia swims just under the surface of the water, just off the beaches.  They are always heading from the east to the west.  They have to be 33 inches long to harvest in Alabama and can only keep 2 per person.  Most of them weigh between 30 and 50 pounds each.  Some are over 80 pounds.  They cobia run lasts from March and April each year and sometimes into mid May.

If you are interested in going Cobia fishing, please visit our reservations section and fill out our form and submit it.  You may also call us at 251.975.8111



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