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Welcome to Gulf Shores, Alabama fishing charters. When it comes to wanting to take your family fishing while on vacation, you are at the right place. Our deep sea fishing and inshore bay fishing charters offer you an opportunity to experience charters the way it was meant to be. Our most popular charters are private 6 hour trips, but we do offer full day and over night charters for those hard core anglers on our sister boat, Intimidator and they are located at the Orange Beach Marina. All of our charters depart from the Orange Beach area, which is only 10 minutes from Gulf Shores beaches and no further than 40 minutes from Fort Morgan.  We are really excited about this upcoming summer vacation on the Gulf Coast. We have a lot going on this year and we are ready to serve you and your family.

Book Your Charter Direct And Save Up To 25%

When you book direct or through this website, there is no middleman.  That means when you book your trip, you are going to get the best fishing charter known to anglers.  That is because other large super websites and marina charter offices take up to 25% commission off the top, leaving the captan only 75% to 80% of the revenue it takes to make sure you catch quality fish.

gulf-shores-family-fishing-charter-boatsThere is always something to catch while charter fishing. We are Gulf Shores, Alabama's charter fishing authority and the leader in family friendly fishing. The laid back and fun culture we have created in the Gulf Shores Fishing Charter business, is one that is admired by families just like you. You don't have to worry about a thing when you bring your family aboard on of our member charter boats. You are more than a customer, you are our guest. We love seeing families and friends come together and share the experience of charter fishing and catching a few fish. Seeing you smile while you are deep sea fishing, is what we live for. Read about us in this recent fishing news from Orange Beach.


The key to getting your best charter is to make your reservations ahead of time. Last minute or same day fishing charters are almost impossible to manage during our busy summer season.


family-fishing-private-charters-in-gulf-shoresPrivate Deep Sea Fishing 1 to 6 Passengers - Gulf Shores Private Deep Sea Fishing Charters for 1 to 6 passengers is run on the Distraction Charter Boat that is docked at Orange Beach Marina. The Distraction is big, 41' Hatteras Yacht and has air conditioning and a private restroom. A private charter is where you are the only one on the charter boat. This charter is for offshore for either 4 or 6 hour trips. The 6 hour private charter is $1,250 plus tip for 4 people.  You can add a 5th or 6th person for just $50 each plus dekchand fee.  The 6 hour fishing charter is where we take you out to deep sea areas and stop the boat over a reef. This is our most popular fishing charter in Gulf Shores. This is where everyone holds a pole and drops their bait below the boat waiting for a bite. The 6 hour charter is great for catch and release or catch and keep. You normally catch Red Snapper, Triggerfish, Grouper, Amberjack, Vermilion Snapper and many more species. If you would like a private fishing charter and have 1 to 6 passengers, please fill out the private deep sea fishing reservation form on this site and submit it. We will answer you quickly.

multi-passenger-charters-with-intimidator-sportfishingPrivate Deep Sea Fishing 7 to 20 Passengers - Gulf Shores Private Deep Sea Fishing Charters for 7 to 20 passengers is run on the Intimidator Charter Boat and is docked at the Orange Beach Marina. The Intimidator is huge, 65' Bonner Yacht and has air conditioning and private restrooms. A private charter is where you are the only one on the charter boat. This charter is for offshore for either 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, 10 hours, 12 hours or over night. The 4 hour private charter starts at $1,000 plus tip for the first 10 passengers. For each person over 10, the person will pay an additional fee, per person to go. The 6 hour private charter is $1,600 plus tip for 10 passengers and a percentage for each person over that and up to a maximum of 20. The 4 hour charter is trolling only. The boat stays near the shore and drags lines behind the charter boat until a Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel or a Bonita strikes the line and then you fight and reel him in. The 6 hour fishing charter is where we take you out to deep sea areas and stop the boat over an artificial reef. This is our most popular fishing charter in Gulf Shores. This is where everyone holds a pole and drops their bait below the boat waiting for a bite. The 6 hour charter is great for catch and release or catch and keep. You normally catch Red Snapper, Triggerfish, Grouper, Amberjack, Vermilion Snapper and many more species. If you would like a private fishing charter and have 1 to 6 passengers, please fill out the private deep sea fishing reservation form on this site and submit it. We will answer you quickly.

back-bay-fishing-in-gulf-shoresPrivate In shore and Back Bay Fishing Charters - One of the most popular fishing charters is the inshore and back bay fishing trip. Alabama Inshore Fishing Charters has two back bay fishing boats. They do not have restrooms, but are only minutes away from land or marinas when fishing. These boats are 22 to 24 feet in length and are center consoles. This means you can walk around the boat fishing. These boats can carry up to 6 passengers per charter, but they are more comfortable if you have 4 people. That way you don't have to cast over someones line each time. The inshore boats offer 4 and 6 hour trips. They fish near the jetties, under bridges, under piers, near channels, drop offs, structure or simply drift fish over oyster reefs. Inshore fishing usually catches fish like Speckled Trout, Redfish, Pompano, Black Drum, White Trout and Sheepshead. The prices for a 4 hour inshore charter is $550 plus tip for 4 people. Add $50 per person for the 5th and 6th angler. If you want to go inshore fishing, please fill out our inshore bay fishing reservation form and choose Inshore Back Bay fishing as your fishing trip type.

Do you want to have FUN on your Fishing charter?

spring-break-2011-kids-fishing-for-spanish-mackerel-while-trollingOur Gulf Shores fishing Charter Company has fun on the gulf. Our charter fishing guides treat you like family when you fish with us. We are social people and we engage you in conversation and activities while on our charter fishing boat. We love to laugh while we are fishing. We call you by name and will do all we can to make you smile. We put your mind at ease from the moment you book your fishing charter with us. We take time to educate you on what we are doing as we head offshore fishing. We encourage you to ask questions and we will give you honest answers. We will get you involved and have you help us tie knots and hook bait if you like. We want you to have so much fun, so you will talk about it for years to come.

Our deep sea fishing charters are one of the most talked about experiences on the Alabama Gulf Coast. We are extremely humble people when it comes to offering great customer service and unforgettable fishing charters. Everything we do is about making sure you get the maximum experience that charter fishing has to offer. Come along with us and put the peddle down on your imagination. Our inshore fishing charter with captain Keith Powell are simply amazing.

Private fishing charters - Are ideal for families

watching-big-brother-with-a-red-snapper-fishing-charter-gulf-shoresPrivate fishing charters in Gulf Shores is only way to go for families or small groups. We only offer private deep sea fishing trips. We do not offer a per person trip for a fee. The price you pay for a fishing charter, is for the whole boat for a specific number of hours for up to 6 people. Whether you are experienced saltwater fisherman or a novice, we have the Gulf Shores charter fishing boat that is right for you. Gulf Shores Fishing Charters make saltwater fishing trips fun and entertaining. You and your family can relax with our experienced saltwater fishing guides on on some of the best maintained charter boats on the Alabama Gulf Coast. We are located at the Orange Beach Marina. Your family will love you for choosing the Gulf Shores Charter Cooperative member boat named Distraction. We also give you local information about Orange Beach charter fishing marinas and why it is good to book your fishing charter in advance.

Deep Sea Fishing Charter Boats that are laid back and Stress Free

Our Gulf Shores Deep Sea fishing charters and guides work smart and use innovative fishing techniques that are proven to help you catch fish. Our Gulf Shores fishing charter company is different than other charters that fish in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores. We use light tackle to fish with on most of our fishing trips. We believe in having a sustainable fishery in the Gulf of Mexico for everyone to enjoy. We love to eat fish as much as you do. We simply want you and your grand children to be able to catch these saltwater fish for years to come. We want you to keep all the fish you want. However, if you have no plans on consuming them, let us know so we can plan on releasing them.

Reasons why you should choose the Deep Sea Fishing and Inshore Fishing Charters for your family fishing trip

  • Superior Service - We treat you like family and your kids are free to ask as many questions as their imaginations can think of. We are always calm, laid back and smiling.
  • Competitive Pricing - Our rates are competitive to boat similar in size and ammenities.
  • We promote Responsible Saltwater Fishing Practices - We want you to catch and keep all the fish you plan on eating. We are doing our part in maintaining a sustainable fishery. We promote CPR - Catch, Photograph and Release. Keeping the best, releasing the rest.
  • You will have fun fishing- Those of you who work very hard, deserve a day where you can laugh and catch more fish than you can imagine.
  • You can relax - Who can't relax when your out on the water fishing? We do all we can to make sure you get the most out of your fishing trip without stressing you out.
  • No deposit required - We simply take a credit card number to book your trip.  Other charters charge 50% of the price of the trip up front.
  • Free fish cleaning - We provide free fish cleaning and bagging on 4 and 6 hour trips.
  • Free Range Fishing - All of our fish are free range and we feed them natural baits.
  • We do not fish in rough seas - We will not take you out when sea conditions are not favorable. If the trip has to be cancelled due to weather, you are not charged. Other charters try and make you re-book with them instead of giving you your money back.
  • We tell you the truth about what to expect - We can't control how the fish bite during certain times of the year. If the fishing is tough, we will tell you. If fishing is great, we will tell you that also. Our goal is to make sure you catch fish.
  • Your family is safe with us - Our charters are all "G" rated and we do not use foul language if you make a mistake or do something incorrectly.
  • Your kids can help drive our boat - You are welcome to come upstairs and drive the boat as long as sea conditions permit it. Be sure to bring your camera and take a picture of your kids driving a big yacht. Other charters do not allow guests upstairs.
  • Our charter boat is safe, clean and well maintained - We spend tens of thousands of dollars each year, maintaining our charter fishing boat. This year, we replaced our entire rear fishing deck with a stronger, lighter space age material that will help us do our part to conserve fuel by reducing the weight of the boat. We also have painted the entire boat to ensure she is beautiful for many years to come. We are proud of how she looks and work to keep her in immaculate condition.

The Best Deep Sea Fishing and Inshore Charter Trips Are With Us!

family-fishing-charters-deep-sea-fishing-gulf-shores-alabama-vacationThe way we look at charter fishing in Gulf Shores, Alabama, sets us apart from other charter boats that operate in the Gulf of Mexico. Your Alabama Fishing Guides grew up fishing the Alabama Gulf Coast. Our approach to saltwater fishing is taking to the waters like a storm. Our "Can-Do" spirit along with innovative fishing techniques makes our guide service the most popular and busiest along the entire Alabama Gulf Coast. Our charter fishing trips are about ensuring our guests catch fish and enjoy their experience on the gulf. Be sure to read about our inshore fishing guide here. You may also read about the best fishing charters and the reasons you should consider reading this before you decide which charter is best for you.

Spring and Summer Vacation Fishing

If you are wanting to spend your Spring or Summer vacation with us on the Alabama Gulf Coast, please visit the Gulf Coast Convention and Visitors Bureau for additional information about Gulf Shores and Orange Beach.

Spring Break Fishing Season - Spring Break in Gulf Shores, Alabama has been a wonderful time of the year to get on the water and experience some great deep sea fishing. The cobia migration is almost underway and these big fish are a lot of fun to catch. Bottom fishing for 6 hours produces a lot of catch and release reef fish like Amberjack and Snapper.

Summer Fishing Season- The most popular charter fishing season is during the summer months from Mid May through the end of August. This is when families with kids are on vacation and we are in our busy season. It is also the time of the year when we have more stable summer weather patterns and almost constant calm waters. During the summer vacation, you can catch all of the saltwater species that are native to our waters.


Summer months are especially good for catching offshore species like Red Snapper, White Snapper, Vermilion Snapper, Lane Snapper, Mangrove Snapper, Shark,Triggerfish, Grouper, Amberjack, King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Cobia, White Marlin, Blue Marlin and Tuna. You may also want to try sportfishing.

Inshore fish species like the Flounder, Speckled Trout, Black Drum, Red Drum, Pompano, Ladyfish, Bluefish and Tripletail are also abundant during the summer vacation fishing season.

 Fall and Winter Fishing Fall of the year offers some great offshore big game fishing for White Marlin and Sailfish in addition to the bottom fishing or reef fishing that we have in Alabama. Offshore reef fish like the Red Snapper and Amberjack are closed but White Snapper, Vermilion Snapper, Triggerfish, Grouper, King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel and Wahoo can all be caught during these fall months. During the fall, the waters are still warm and these magnificent game fish move in as close as 30 miles of the Alabama shoreline. Our inshore species like the Speckled Trout, White Trout, Sand Trout and Redfish become abundant during this season. Winter is an excellent time to catch Bull Reds offshore. They move in close about the first of November and stay plentiful until the early part of spring.

We solve the problems of finding a responsible charter boat and saltwater guide service that offers a lot of Action

Booking A Family Friendly Fishing Charter Is Easy. Come On. Book Your Charter Boat Now!

If you have any questions that we can answer in addition to the ones above, please visit our Gulf Shores Fishing Frequently Asked Questions. We promise to answer you quickly.

If you would like to inquire about one of our deep sea or inshore fishing charters, please fill out our online fishing reservations form and we will respond quickly.

You may also email us via our contact form.

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