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King Mackerel Fishing In Alabama

King Mackerel is one of the most common mackerels caught along the gulf coast of Alabama.  They are known to scientist as Scomberomorus cavalla.  We just call them Kings.  These magnificent fish are dark blue on their backs and their sides are silver.  They have a lateral line that is distinct and drops at a 45 degree angle just past the dorsal fin and is wavy all the way down the side to the tail.  Some of the younger kings have spots that are yellowish to a brownish color.  The average king we catch is about 17 to 33 inches and weighs about 5 to 7 pounds.  Alabama requires they be 24” fork length to keep them.   You may keep two per person.  I have seen larger kings that weighed over 40 pounds in the past.King Mackerel Fishing Charters In Alabama

King Mackerel are our targets species when trolling fishing during the summer months. They show up in May of each year and have been caught all the way through October.   They usually do not hang around for our winter fishing season.  They have extremely sharp teeth on the top and bottom and can slice you open real quickly if you are not careful.  Kings taste pretty good if grilled or fried.  They do not freeze very well for long periods of time because of the oil content in the meat causes it to become soft and mushy in texture.  Fresh cooked mackerel is always best.

Spanish Mackerel Fishing In Alabama

Spanish Mackerel our early year target species for mackerel.  Spanish show up in the latter part of March and the first part of April each year during our spring break charter season.  They are migratory in nature and don’t usually stick around very long.  We do catch some larger, more mature Spanish during the summer months but there volumes are nothing like they are in the spring of the year.  A lot of them are caught by gill netters this time of the year and never make it to your dinner plate.  Alabama is the last state that will not ban gill netting and stop the over fishing of Spanish Mackerel.

Spanish are called Scomberomorus maculates.  They can easily be identified by looking at the black mark on the first four or five dorsal fins.  They have a white margin around the fin.  They also have a gentle lateral line that goes all the way to their tail without any sharp angles.  They also have bright brown looking yellowish spots all over their silver sides.

Spanish are excellent to eat broiled or baked.  If you remember eating at Morrison’s cafeteria in the past, these fish were the mackerel they served that were so good.

Ladyfish Fishing in Gulf Shores

Ladyfish is a common fish that can be caught during the summer charter fishing season in Alabama saltwater.  We catch them trolling just inside Alabama point or the Perdido pass while fishing for Spanish Mackerel or Bluefish.  Scientists call them Elops saurus.  They have an elongated, almost silver looking body and often have a dark blue or almost emerald green back with a large bony mouth.  Their dorsal fin sits further back like a jet fighter and is located in front of their pelvic fin.  Most of them are 2 feet in length.  There are some that get as large as 3 feet.  The food quality is not that good from what I hear.  They are a hard fighting game fish that offers an excellent fight for light tackle.

Wahoo Fishing In Alabama

wahoo sportfishing in alabamaWahoo are called the fastest fish in the ocean.  They have been clocked at over 50 knots.  Scientists call them Acanthocybium solanderi.  We call them wonderful.  The Wahoo is the most awesome of all the mackerels.  They have a pointed head and have long scissor like jaws.  They are dark blue in color with up to 25 or 30 gray vertical bars that run the entire length of their body.  The can be as long as 7 feet and can weigh over 120 pounds.  The average one caught in Alabama water is about 25 to 30 pounds.  We do catch quite a few each year in the 50 pound range.  To have a chance to catch wahoo, you need to take one of our 10 or 12 hour bottom fishing charters that gets you out to water deeper than 180 feet.  That is where most of them live and hunt.

Wahoo are excellent to eat and offer the most experienced angler a trolling trip of a lifetime.  They can be caught anywhere the water is deep and the surface temperature is over 75 degrees.

Mackerel & Wahoo Fishing Summary

We hope this information about Mackerel fishing has been helpful to you and your family.  Deep sea fishing on a charter boat in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach can be extremely rewarding and a lot of fun.  King Mackerel and Spanish Mackerel can be caught during the summer charter fishing seasons with ease.  You may choose a 4 hour trolling fishing trip or a 6 hour combination trolling and bottom fishing trip. Wahoo are mostly caught in deeper water that is over 150 feet.  You have to be on a 10 or 12 hour charter fishing trip to have a realistic chance of catching a Wahoo.   Saltwater fishing in Alabama is a year round outdoor sport and activity.  If you would like to enjoy some great snapper fishing, visit our Alabama deep sea fishing rates and pricing page to see which trip is best for you and your group.

Booking Your Wahoo & Mackerel Trolling Charter

After you have decided on a Mackerel or Wahoo fishing charter, please visit our saltwater fishing reservations page.  You will need to fill out the online form and submit it with your questions and gulf shores king mackerel trolling chartercomments.  We promise to get right back with you via email.

Submitting a Mackerel or Wahoo saltwater fishing reservations request online does not lock you in to a trip.  It allows us to see what type of trip you are looking for and the possible dates you can go fishing.  When we see what you want, we will let you know if those dates are available.  You will then be requested to give us a call at 251.975.8111 and we will book your fishing charter. 

 Remember, we do not require a deposit like all other charters do.  All we need is a credit card number to hold it.  You may pay the day of your deep sea charter fishing trip.



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