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Multi Passenger Charter Boat Intimidator Sportfishing Charters in Gulf Shores


Gulf Shores Charter Fishing Cooperative boat, Intimidator Sportfishing Charters is owned and Operated by Captain Johnny Greene. Johnny has been fishing professionally for over 29 years and is one of the most respected charter boat captains on the entire Gulf of Mexico. Johnny and his long time Second captain Reuben offer competitive rates and prices and wonderful service. They both grew up deck handing on some of the best charter boats and learned the necessary skills to become the best offshore fishing charter, overnight charter boat operating in the Gulf of Mexico. Johnny is a former governors appointee of the National Marine Fisheries Service, Gulf Council. He is working hard to ensure that generations to come can enjoy the fishery the way he has for many years. Johnny is a professional to say the least. He is a perfectionist that is driven to provide wonderful fishing experiences for his clients.

Intimidator Sportfishing Charter Fishing in Gulf Shores, Alabama

The Intimidator Sportfisher is a 65' Custom Sportfisher. This charter boat is equipped to handle all your groups needs, whether they are small or large. The Intimidator can carry up to 20 passengers on a day trip but only 10 passengers are allowed on overnight or tuna fishing charters. The Intimidator Charter Boat of Gulf Shores has state of the art fishing gear, electronics and life saving equipment. She sleeps 10 comfortably.

The intimidator takes anglers and your group on a half day, full day and overnight trips to remember. Whether you want to catch big game fish like Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo and Dolphin. Full day combo trolling and bottom fishing trips are our specialty, but we will run overnight trips upon special requests. Intimidator bottom fishes for Grouper, Amberjack, Shark, Red Snapper, Triggerfish, Scamp and Vermilion Snapper. Cobia trips are also available during the months of March and April each year while deep sea fishing in Gulf Shores.

As with all good Gulf Shores Deep Sea Fishing charters, some weekends book up a year in advance. Please indicate on the reservations request an alternate date if needed so we may better serve you.  We gladly accent all major forms of credit cards for an additional 3% of the total charge 

Gulf Shores, Alabama Charter Cooperative Boat Intimidator Fishing Charters Costs


Intimidator Sportfishing Deep Sea Fishing 2019 Rates

  Rates are for up to 10 people Add 10% per person for additional people.




Rates and Costs For Intimidator Sportfishing Multi-Passenger Charter Boat


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Near Shore Trolling for Spanish and King Mackerel

4 Hour $1400 Fish for King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel and Bonito

6 Hour $1800Seasonally catch Big Redfish and Cobia on these trips


Combination Bottom Fishing / Near Shore Trolling

4 hour $1400 These trips we will just slow troll for King Mackerel,

6 hour $1800 Spanish Mackerel, Bonito and other species to the

8 hour $2500 near-shore bottom fishing grounds to save you money


Bottom Fishing Trips for Triggerfish, Snappers, and others

All persons onboard are fishermen. No riders!


6 Hour $1800

8 Hour $2500

10 Hour $3000

12 Hour $3600


Bottom Fishing / Offshore Trolling Combo for Tuna, Dolphin and Wahoo

15 Hour $4750 * 2 am departure

18 Hour $6500 * 9 pm departure

24 Hour $7000 * 6 pm departure


Overnight trips

2 day trip $7000

Long 2 day trip $9,000 *10 pm departure the night before the scheduled trip

3 day $10,500

Long 3 day trip $12,500 * 10 pm departure the night before the scheduled trip


Eco Tours and cruises $250 per hour with a 2 hour minimum plus 20% tip for mates


Saturday Minimum Price $1500

* Captains discretion on departure time

* Prices Quoted on fuel cost of $3.46 Per Gallon

Current Fuel cost is $3.49 .  A Surcharge is based on the cost of fuel, multiplied by the average number of gallons used for your trip length. If there is an increase of $0.50 per gallon the the trip prices and you will be charged accordingly, no matter when you booked you trip.

Saturday minimum rate is $1,500

Rates above are based on $3.39 per pump price for fuel. If fuel continues to rise, there will likely be a fuel surcharge added to the price of the charter.

Rates are for up to 10 people, anglers, riders or anyone else

 Add 10% per person for all additional passengers.regardless of age  

Overnight trips are 10 people maximum.

Additional costs: Add tip and gratuity 20-25% of the total trip cost

A 50 percent deposit is required at the time of booking an overnight charter. Day charters or less requires only a credit card number to hold it. Prices are cash. Please add a 3% surcharge if paying with a major credit card or through pay pal. Overnight trip Deposits are non refundable if cancelled within 90 days of the charter. There is a 10 percent administrative fee for refunding any deposits that adhere to our cancellation policy.

A charter is not considered booked unless the deposit is in our hand or on day charters, a credit card number is on file.

If you would like to book with Intimidator Sportfishing Charter, please fill out our online reservations request. You may also call Captain Johnny Greene on his cell phone at 251.747.2872 or on their personal site at


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