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Alabama Sea Bass Fishing

Sand Perch Are Great Bait Fish

Sand Perch are commonly caught and used for Amberjack and Grouper bait.  Scientists call them diplectrum formosom.  We call them bait.  They are caught in deep water or natural bottom while fishing with two hook rigs with cut squid on the bottom.  They have dark bars on their sides with beautiful blue and orange stripes that alternate in pattern.  They have two separate groups of spines.  They are usually 12 inches or less in size.  They may be good for personal consumption, but with their size being small, they are like bream.  It would take a whole lot of them for a meal.  This is not considered a reef fish so you can use them for live bait.

Bank Sea Bass or Squirrel Fish

Bank Sea Bass is commonly called Squirrelfish by Alabama saltwater charter guides.  They are used for Amberjack and grouper bait by most every family fisherman in the gulf.  Scientists call them Centrosprisitis ocyura.  Their dorsal fin has three or four black spots on it.  The head of the squirrel fish has blue and yellow stripes on it.  There are several rows of vertical black bars and most of them are 12 inches or less.

Rock Sea Bass is similar to the Bank Sea Bass and are also called Squirrelfish.  Scientist call them Centropristis philadelpiaca. They have one large black spot at the base of the last dorsal spine.  They also have orange and blue stripes around the head.  Their fins are olive on top and white on their belly.  Rock Sea Bass are usually less than 8 inches in length.

Dwarf Sand Perch Is Good Bait

Dwarf Sand Perch is another great Amberjack and Grouper bait.  They are similar to the Sand Perch.  They have a green color body and have blue lines on their cheeks.  One group of fins and spines are slightly forked.  Most of these fish are 10 inches in length or shorter.

Soapfish Are Neat

Whitespotted Soapfish is not good for anything except washing your hands after you catch them.  They are beautiful little brown to tan fish and have a few pearl looking spots on them.  Scientist call them Rypticus maculates.  The mucus that comes from handling them is a little toxic.  However, if you rub the mucus in your hands it creates a white lather and when you rinse your hands with clean water, your hands will not smell fishy.  This is what we used to do until we found out they are mildly toxic.  We just thought it cleaned our hands well.

Pig Fish Grunts Are Good Amberjack Bait

Pigfish Grunts are one of the finest bait fish you can catch.  We mostly catch them right around the Perdido Pass or Alabama point jetties and rocks.  They are called Orthospristis chrysoptera by the scientists.  They have full body scales and have a light blue center.  They have no teeth on the roof of their mouths.  Their body has bronze to pink looking tones on it.  Most of them are less than 15 inches in Alabama.  The average size is about 8 to 10 inches.  They grunt like a pig when caught.

Booking A Charter Using Bait Fish 

Be sure to contact us directly by filling out our online reservations page after you have chosen the best fishing charter for you on our rates and pricing page.  After you have submitted your request online, you may call us direct at 251.975.8111 and give us a credit card number to secure your trip.  Remember, we do not require a deposit.  You may pay the day of your fishing charter.



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