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Gulf Shores, Alabama Six Passenger Charter Boat Distraction Charters


Distraction Charters is the ultimate of all six passenger charter boats that operate in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama. Captain Troy Frady is at the helm of his 41' charter boat named Distraction. Captain Troy began fishing the local waters in the early 1970's as a child. He began fishing professionally in 2002, after a successful career as a banker and a transportation manager for a fortune 500 company that is now named Fedex Freight. He is conservation minded and a visionary when it comes to deep sea fishing in Gulf Shores, Alabama. He promotes catch and release, but he will take you to catch all the fish you need. He specializes in 4 and 6 hour fishing charters. He is the original family friendly charter boat in Gulf Shores. He has 4 children and 3 grand children himself. Troy specializes in Light Tackle Deep Sea Fishing that makes catching fish fun. He also offers a dvd movie of your trip, complimentary food and drinks, professional photography of your catch and loves to laugh. He makes fishing fun, laid back and relaxing for sure. No wonder why he is the most sought after charter boat in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores. He gives good service and people love what he does and how he treats everyone. If you have small kids or this is your first time fishing, you don't need to miss the Distraction Charter Boat. If you want quality fishing charters, then look no further than Distraction Charter in Gulf Shores.

The Distraction Charter boat is 41 feet long, has twin caterpillar diesel engines and has a really comfortable air conditioning system onboard. The boat has a bathroom and an indoor seating area where you can get out of the sunlight. When you think of charter fishing in Gulf Shores, Alabama, most people think about deep-sea fishing. Many of you want to go out on a charter fishing boat and catch something amazing. The thought of catching a fish from the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico makes grown men trimble and kids not sleep at night.

Some people call deep-sea fishing in Gulf Shores, "Reef Fishing or Bottom Fishing" and that is correct. When I think of deep sea fishing, I think of dropping a baited hook below the charter boat and wait on a fish to bite my hook. Well, there is so much more you can do when you use the term deep-sea fishing.

How Deep Is The Water On A Deep-Sea Fishing Charter in Gulf Shores, Alabama?

Alabama deep-sea fishing includes bottom or reef fishing and trolling. You have to go a long way south of Gulf Shores to get to deep water. Most of the gulf water that is south of the Gulf Shores area is pretty shallow as compared to other areas that are thousands of feet deep. Right off the beach, we start out fishing in 20 to 25 feet of water. The water progressively gets deeper the further offshore we go. At 10 to20 miles, the water is anywhere from 80 to 100 feet deep. Now if you go southeast about 30 miles, it gets to 600 to 700 feet. If you go 40 miles south, it it around 200 to 250 feet deep before it drops off to about 1300 to 1700 feet deep. Our geographic area allows us to fish deep-sea but most of the fishing is done in water that is less than 125 feet. Full day trips that fish south, get to about 200 to 250 feet regularly. So when you think of deep sea fishing in Alabama, it is much more than simply heading right off the beach and fishing in deep water. We as responsible anglers, are required by law to have afish venting tool onboard.

Amazing Deep-Sea Fishing Charters For The Whole Family

Your deep-sea fishing charter in Gulf Shores can be amazing. We have some of the best reef fishing or bottom fishing in the entire country. We do have a good trolling fishery for King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, jack Crevalle and Bull Redfish. The marlin and Mahi-Mahi are best caught on trips that are overnight or on trips that allow you to get to blue water which usually means waters that are deeper than 250 feet.

Alabama deep-sea fishing is a wonderful venue for families and friends of all ages. We have a charter just for you and will help make your deep-sea fishing charter wonderful.

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