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Tin Top Seafood Restaurant ReviewTin Top Restaurant Bon Secour Alabama

17240 County Road 10 West, Bon Secour, Alabama.  Tin Top is located at the corner of Co. Rd. 10 and Co. Rd. 49.   Their phone number is 251.949.5086

Directions To Tin Top Restaurant Near Gulf Shores, Alabama

Go north of Gulf Shores on Alabama Highway 59 about 4 miles.  Turn left at the red light and intersection of Baldwin County Road 10.  You will go through a 4 way stop and keep going straight.  The road will make you go around a sharp curve to the left.  Keep going about two more miles and you will come to the intersection of 10 and 49.  The Tin Top is on the corner.  You may park anywhere you can.

The Tin Top gives you the feeling of walking into an old country store or gas station that was built back in the 40’s or 50’s.  The walls are decorated with pictures and fishing related items.  The floors are painted concrete.  The ceilings are painted tongue and groove pine.  There is an outside covered sitting area and an oyster bar where they will shuck them fresh for you.  The tables and chairs are new looking and are comfortable.

We were last there on April 10, 2009.  They were packed but there was not a long wait.  The wait staff was especially cordial and was very prompt with taking our order.  We did not want for anything.  For your information, The CAB that is listed on their menu stands for Certified Angus Beef.  I could not find the definition anywhere so I asked for you.

Tin Top Dining RoomTin Top Fried Green Tomatoes

We ordered the fried green tomatoes.  They are $5.95 for an order.  They only put three on a plate, but they pour a creamy crawfish sauce over the top of them which enhances the flavor of the tart green tomato.

Tin Top Pecan Encrusted Grouper

I ordered the Pecan Encrusted Grouper with a creamy crawfish sauce with a side of Gouda Grits and Fresh Turnip Greens.  It was excellent.  The grouper was real.  The nutty flavor of the Pecans gave the grouper a little texture which when eaten with a bite of gouda cheese grits was excellent.  The price of the grouper dinner is $ 21.95  Try our gulf shores pecan crusted grouper seafood recipe page.

Pan Seared Yellowfin Tuna

My daughter Jessica ordered the Pan Seared Yellowfin Tuna topped with ginger and wasabi sauce.  Her tuna filet was about 3 inches thick.  As a matter of preference, I like my tuna about 1 inch thick and then seared.  Being 3 inches thick, leaves a lot of raw sashimi grade tuna to eat.  If was eating sushi, that would have been fine, but I think if you wanted them to butterfly the tuna filet and then sear it, it would be a little less raw.  Again, this is a personal preference but I wanted to let you know that was available. The price of the Pan Seared Tuna is $21.95

Gulf Shores Crunchy Fried Shrimp

My wife Melissa, ordered old faithful.  Fried Gulf Shrimp with a side of Gouda Grits and hush puppies and a dinner salad.  The shrimp were 16 count and we did not have to pull the crispy fried tails off.  All she had to do is pull up the shrimp and bite them.  The shrimp dinner is $19.95

Certified Angus Hamburgertin top oyster bar

My daughter Jordan ordered a Hamburger.  It has been a long time since I saw a fresh had patted hamburger that size.  They did undercook the patty which was my fault for not telling them to cook it well done.  As with any ground meat like hamburger, you need to always be aware of e-coli and should always request that ground meat be fully cooked to be safe.  The bun was large and so was the patty.  She got steak fries with her burger.  She said it was excellent.  It was so large; she could not eat all of it.  I had it for lunch the next day.  It was a good burger.  It cost $7.95 

I hope you have enjoyed reading our review of the Tin Top Restaurant.  They have a suggested gratuity of 20 to 25 percent on the ticket.  The wait staff was on top of it.  It was worth the higher percentage tip.

Additional Menu Items not mentioned above:  Gumbo, West Indies Salad, Baked Oysters, Seafood stuffed mushrooms, Crab Cakes, Seafood Platter, Fried Oysters, Rib-eye, NY Strip, Filet, Prime Rib, Seafood stuffed Grouper, Steamed platter of Snow Crab legs, Seafood Alfredo, Chicken Alfredo, Seafood stuffed Pork Chop.  The Rib eye steak tops the list at $27.95


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