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Trigger Fishing In AlabamaAlabama Trigger Fishing

Trigger fish is one of the most unusual fish you can catch while deep sea fishing in the saltwater off of Alabama. Trigger fish used to be called a trash byGulf Shorescharter boats, because the people that caught them did not know how flavorful they were. Gulf Shores has always had an abundant supply of Triggerfish prior to the hurricanes of 2004 and 2005. With the loss of habit and artificial reefs, they disappeared or certainly became scarce. Now that the federal fisheries implemented a larger size, we are starting to see more triggerfish this year. The problem is, they have to be 14 inches long at the fork to keep them and the season keeps getting shorter because of state noncompliance. This means state waters are open to harvest and what they catch is deducted off the federal quota.

Triggerfish are caught on our bottom reef fishing charters that are 6 hours or longer. We catch them on light tackle and traditional tackle. We use small hooks because the Triggerfish have small mouths. We usually use cut squid as bait and use two hooks at a time. It is not uncommon to catch two at a time.The average size is about 14 inches or larger. Some weigh up to 11 pounds. A big one for us is anything over 5 pounds.

Our first time fishermen and family anglers catch these trigger fish on small circle hooks with cut squid bait while fishing for other small species of Vermilion and White Snapper.Triggerfish are gray and have an armored like skin that is compared to Elephant or Shark skin. That is why they are such a pain to clean. They have ugly teeth that protrude forward and look like crooked human baby teeth. The reason their teeth stick out forward is because they eat mostly barnacles and other growth that is growing on the artificial reefs in addition to small pieces of bait fish. They will bite a plug out of you if you put your finger in their way. They have been known to bite scuba divers off of Orange Beach, through their wetsuits.

Why AreThey Called Triggerfish?

Triggerfish are called Trigger fish because their Dorsal fin locks in place in a vertical position. The only way to get the dorsal fin to release is to mash or press the second dorsal fin down. It acts like a trigger to release the main dorsal fin. The Gray Triggerfish is also called Balistes capriscus by scientists and Alabama marine biologists. They offer Gulf Shores fishing vacationers an awesome fight.

We hope this information about Trigger fishing has been helpful to you and your family. Deep sea fishing on a charter boat in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach can be extremely rewarding and a lot of fun. Saltwater fishing in Alabama is a year round outdoor sport and activity. If you would like to enjoy some great Trigger Fish fishing, visit our Alabama deep sea fishing rates and pricing page to see which Trigger Fishing trip is best for you and your group.

Booking A Triggerfish Fishing Charter

After you have decided on a Triggerfish fishing trip, please visit ourAlabama fishing reservations page. You will need to fill out the online form and submit it with your questions and comments. We promise to get right back with you via email.

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