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Traditional Saltwater Fishing Tackle in Alabama

Traditional Saltwater Fishing Tackle

When you think of deep sea fishing in Gulf Shores, Alabama, you probably think about traditional saltwater fishing tackle.  This type of saltwater fishing tackle has long been a staple of offshore, deep sea fishermen.  Seeing big rods and reels on an Alabama charter boat is almost an adrenaline rush and gives you the feeling that you might catch a fish that is so big, that only large, traditional tackle saltwater rod and reel will handle them.  This has been the mentality for many generations of meat hunters and charter boats.

Catching A Shark On Big Tackle

Like most of you that were born before 1970, I was raised up watching the Jaws movies where the scenes showed Captain Quint sitting on the back of a big fishing boat, eating crackers while waiting on a monster shark to bite the bait.  He used a 12 ought Penn Reel with braided fishing line on it.  He also sat in a fish fighting chair with thick leather straps to hold him in his seat while fighting a big fish.  Everyone remembers the clicking of the reel when the shark started feedin gon the bait.  Click....... Click..... Click and then it got a little faster.  The traditional big saltwater rod and reel was screaming out line and Quint started hollaring, "wet  the reel."   If the truth be known, most of all that clicking is drama.  We can get your heart pumping just as fast on our light tackle fishing gear as well.

Big Tackle Handles Big Fish

With that being said, not every fish in the Gulf of Mexico and the saltwater that is south of Gulf Shores requires heavy, traditional tackle.   Traditional tackle is great for catching Blue Marlin, Bluefin Tuna, Amberjack and some species of Grouper like the Gag Grouper or Warsaw Grouper.  All of these fish are more easily caught on traditional tackle because they allow you pull harder and try and horse the fish in faster than you could if you were to use light tackle fishing gear.

Traditional fishing tackle is not all big and bulky as compared to the one depicted on the Jaws movie.   To us, traditional tackle is 4.0 Penn, 6.0 Penn and 10.0 Penn Reels or similar other brands such as Daiwa and Shimano that are similar in size.  Traditional tackle to us is any reel that holds 40 pound test line or heavier.

Advantage of Using Traditional Tackle

The advantage to using traditional tackle is that is it heavier and allows even the most inexperienced family fisherman to easily horse in a fish without breaking the line.  It is also good for catching a lot of fish for the freezer.

Disadvantage of Big Tackle

The disadvantage to using traditional tackle is that as artificial and bottom fishing reefs see more fishing pressure, the heavy line on the traditional tackle will actually hurt your chances of catching larger fish.  Red Snapper and other reef fish that see a lot of fishing pressure will not bite heavy, traditional tackle as quick as they will bite light tackle fishing gear.

If you want to catch a lot of fish for the freezer, you can still have success using traditional tackle.  If you want to have more fun, be sure to fish with light tackle.

Booking a Traditional Tackle Fishing Charter in Alabama

Be sure to contact us directly by filling out our online reservations page after you have chosen the best fishing charter for you on our rates and pricing page

After you have submitted your request online, you may call us direct at 251.975.8111 and give us a credit card number to secure your trip. 

Remember, we do not require a deposit.  You may pay the day of your fishing charter.

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Saltwater Fly Fishing Tackle

Saltwater Fly Fishing Tackle

When you think of fly fishing in saltwater in Gulf Shores, Alabama, you probably think you need to be on a low profile, inshore style fishing boat.  You also might think about fishing flats and oyster beds in Mobile Bay or Wolf Bay.  The neat thing is, you can go saltwater fly fishing in Gulf Shores on an offshore, deep sea fishing charter boat like a Hatteras and catch nice fish.

There is nothing better than bringing your fly rod and reel and charter our fishing boat.  Alabama has some phenomenal saltwater fly fishing charters available that most people do not even think about.  The culture around Gulf Shores is mostly centered on deep sea fishing with traditional fishing tackle like Penn and Daiwa reels with stiff rods that are about 6 feet in length.  Most people associate fly fishing or fly fishermen as being conservation oriented or a different breed of fishermen.  Fly fishing fits right into the path we are heading.  Fly fishing is part of the future of deep sea fishing.

Not all fish you catch while deep sea fishing are on the bottom of the gulf.  There are a lot of saltwater reef fish species like Red Snapper and Mangrove Snapper that are easily caught with a fly fishing rod on or near the surface with ease.  We have to use chum or use what we call chumming fishing to get the fish to the top and you can sight fish for them or let your sinking fly drop below the surface and get a strike that way.  You may also choose to go and fish for seasonal fish like the Bull Redfish that show up just off the gulf shores during the winter charter seasons from November through February each year. 

These bull reds school up and can be caught on the surface while sight fishing or we may have to troll until we find the pod of Redfish.  Redfish weigh between 15 and 40 pounds each. 

Another seasonal fish that migrates through the Gulf Shores salt water is the spring Cobia run.  The Cobia is also called Ling or Lemon fish.  They weight between 20 and 90 pounds each.  They swim just under the surface heading to the west.  The best time to fish for them is during the month of April each year.  We ride along the beach with our angler in the tuna tower looking for these majestic fish.  When we see one, we stop the boat and you will have a chance to cast your fly jig to them to see if they will eat it.  The bite is usually soft and the fish dives down and you count to 10 and set the hook.

 You are welcome to bring your Sage 6000 series fly reels with an 8, 10 or 12 weight line.  You are also encouraged to bring and try your new TCX, 9 foot, four piece rods to see if you can bend it over on such a large game fish.

As with all sight fishing, you need to be patient.  Sight fishing in the Gulf of Mexico off of Gulf Shores is a challenge.  It is also rewarding.

Be sure to contact us directly by filling out our online reservations page after you have chosen the best fly fishing charter for you on our rates and pricing page.  After you have submitted your request online, you may call us direct at 251.975.8111 and give us a credit card number to secure your trip.  Remember, we do not require a deposit.  You may pay the day of your fishing charter.

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